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Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse, 2018

    Since Vancouver is still in the raining season, I didn’t expect to be able to see the lunar eclipse, just like how I missed the last four lunar eclipse.  But in the end, […]

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Total Solar Eclipse

The total solar eclipse happened on August 21st of this year is probably the most anticipated nature event of the year!   The most exciting part is the totality of solar eclipse where the daytime will […]

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Aurora Light in Vancouver

Every year in Vancouver, we might have a couple of opportunities to see the Aurora light, but personally, I have never seen it until this year.  My friend texted me just before the midnight and […]

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Sunset from Pattaya, Thailand

I don’t take a lot of pictures of a sunset as they all look similar.  I did take some photos of it in Pattaya, Thailand, but do tell me what you think.    

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Golden Wheatland

Ever since my last trip to Colfax, I wanted to see the Wheatland in gold.  I made a reservation for late August but when I called the hotel yesterday, they told me RIGHT NOW is […]

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Norway in a Nutshell Tour

According to the company’s website, the description of Norway in a Nutshell tour says, “The Flåm Railway will arrive in Myrdal, where you change trains to the Bergen Railway. You travel back to Bergen on […]

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Bergen – The Most Beautiful Norwegian City

My friend told me that Bergen is Norway’s most beautiful city and I do believe it!  I took an early ferry ride to get here on a sunny day, so I have some time to […]

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Kjeragbolten, Norway

I just did one of the most spectacular hikes in the world,  Kjeragbolten!  It was also the most challenging hike I have ever had, but I felt well accomplished afterward, and not even mentioning how […]

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The Wheatland

The Colfax/Palouse area in the eastern Washington state has been on my wishlist to visit since 2014,  and I finally took a trip there over the weekend.    It is a dream place for many […]

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Duffey Lake in Gold

I decided to drive to Duffey Lake last night around 10 o’clock, and I slept in my car for the night.  It is indeed worth the trouble to make the trip there.     

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Beautiful Phuket, Thailand

My first trip to Thailand starts with Phuket.  My friend and I took a boat out of sea, and I was in the paradise!    

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