British RAF Red Arrows Fly-By

The British Royal Air Force’s Red Arrows is visiting Vancouver this week, and they had a fly-by this afternoon!

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China Airlines – “Carbon Fibre” Livery

China Airlines has a very cool co-branded livery with Boeing on a Boeing 777-300ER. Now they also have an Airbus A350-900 (B-18918) with a co-branded livery features elements Airbus’s house carbon fibre livery on the […]

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Eva Airways – “Star Alliance” Livery

Eva Airways has a Boeing 777-300ER (B-16715) painted with “Star Alliance” livery, and today Eva sent it to YVR.

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Cathay Pacific – “Oneworld” Livery

Cathay Pacific Airways is a member of Oneworld alliance, and occasionally you can spot a Cathay Pacific Boeing 777-300ER with their Oneworld Livery.

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KLM – “Skyteam” Livery

KLM’s Skyteam livery seems to have darker paint, and it makes the Boeing 777-300ER looks like a military jet!

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Garibaldi Lake, Canada

My friends and I just made another backpack camping trip to Garibaldi Lake over this past weekend!

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Eva Airways – “Hello Kitty” Livery

The most famous special livery from Eva Airways is their “Hello Kitty” livery, but it’s rare to spot them at YVR.

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KLM – “Orange Pride” Livery

This summer KLM has been flying Boeing 777-300ER to Vancouver 3x a week. Finally, we can see their PH-BVA, a Boeing 777-300ER with the famous “Orange Pride” livery.

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Reykjavík, Iceland

Today we did a quick visit to Reykjavík, the capital city of Iceland.

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Road Trip in Iceland, Day 5

Today we took a ferry to the Westman Islands where is known for spotting the puffins. This is our second attempt to chase the bird, but still unsuccessful.

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Road Trip in Iceland, Day 4

For the fourth day, we visited the famous Golden Circle in Iceland. The place we stayed is very convenient as it is only 15 min. away from our first stop, Gullfoss waterfall. Then we drove […]

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Road Trip in Iceland, Day 3

For the third day, we left Kirkjubaejarklaustur and drove north to Fludir. On the way there, my friend wanted to see puffins, so we drove to the beach. Although we didn’t spot a single puffin, […]

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Road Trip in Iceland, Day 2

In our second day in Iceland, we spent almost ten hours to drive between Kirkjubaejarklaustur and Hofn. We left around 10 am, and it was still warm and sunny; by the time we arrived at […]

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Road Trip in Iceland, Day 1

The much-anticipated trip to Iceland finally begins! I had a pleasant six-hour flight as Delta gave me a free upgrade. We picked up the rental car after meeting my friend at the airport, and then […]

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Chongqing, China

The most famous Chinese “Mountain City” is Chongqing. I had a quick visit to Chongqing for the weekend and got some great night photos of the city.

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ANA – Boeing 787-9 with “Star Alliance” Livery

One thing I do like about ANA is they have many interesting liveries. Today they just sent a Boeing 787-9 with “Star Alliance” livery.

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Autumn Leaves, Vancouver

We are having a beautiful Autumn season this year in Vancouver!

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Amazing Aerial Photos

I got some fantastic Aerial photos from the recent road trip to Nelson. Having a drone has opened another perspective to see the world, and it has been truly amazing.

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Road Trip to Nelson, BC

It has been seven years since my last trip to Nelson, where is famous for its beautiful fall scenery.

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Detian Waterfall, China

Detian (Ban Gioc) is the largest Waterfall in Asia and located at the border of China and Vietnam. 

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Constitution Day, Norway

May 17th is the Norwegian Constitution Day, and Norwegians take very seriously to celebrate this holiday.

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Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast is an amicable and energetic town. I felt very comfortable to walk around and take photos of the city and the people.

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Ayutthaya Ruins, Thailand

Ayutthaya in Thailand was one of the world’s largest cities in the 1700s? But it was invaded and burned by the Burmese army;

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Nha Trang, Vietnam

Nha Trang is a beautiful ocean city in Southern Vietnam. I flew here after visiting Halong Bay in Hanoi. Since the stay was so relaxing that I decided to cancel the original plan to Ho […]

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Halong Bay Fishing Village, Vietnam

I had a high expectation of this trip to Halong Bay, but it turned out to be disappointing, mainly due to the poor air quality that everywhere looks just smoggy and uninspiring. However, I do […]

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SoHo in New York City (2)

Another beautiful day in New York City! After seeing yesterday’s photos, I was inspired to take out the camera to do some more street photography. I spent another two hours walking around the SoHo area […]

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SoHo in New York City (1)

This year’s trip to New York City marks the start of street photography for me.

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The Wheatland, USA

The Palouse area in the eastern Washington state is also called Wheatland, and it is a magical place for many landscape photographers because of its massive and endless wheat fields.

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China Airlines – Boeing Livery

One of the coolest liveries China Airlines had was the co-branded livery with Boeing on a Boeing 747-400. Unfortunately, I have never personally seen this livery before it retired. Well, the good news is China […]

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The Forbidden City, China

The Forbidden City in Beijing had been the Emperorior palace for two dynasties. It is the largest palace in the world.

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